It's time to do things differently.
We've literally had clients ask us for rainbows and unicorns. Why? because life is hard. We get it. We're here to consolidate the multi-tasking into one powerful application.


Addlane editings means adding visual feedback without the need to download. Crop, filter, add text, circle, point and give visual directions.
Don't worry, we always save the original


Addlane focuses on visuals so all teams get the picture. Photos in Addlane are tagged by artificial intelligence, so you can find what you need, when you need it.
End endless scrolling today


Convenient comparison lets teams compare progress. Whether it's a fabric or a flyer, everything has changes. Addlane presents your photos for you to visual monitor progress and show it to the team. That's efficiency
Consider us a global shortcut to team happiness


Addlane translates memories into accessible data. Searching a term will get you every relevant result organized and listed for your convenience.
Save valuable time

19.8% of business time -
the equivalent of one day per working week -
is wasted by employees searching for files