Addlane evolves business communication by mixing the best functionality of messaging, editing and file sharing into Project Lanes. There will always be multiple conversations happening about a project. We consolidate conversations into Lanes and eliminate the chaos of having attachments, folders and sharing links scattered across different accounts and boxes. Add productivity by editing Illustrator, Photoshop and PDF files. Global teams say no to links, we (thumb)nailed it for you.


Addlane simplifies life by combining editing within all aspects of messaging. Edit, straighten, crop, draw, add text, point, describe, even post a business driven stamp all without downloading to your camera roll. Consolidated innovation within project messaging and Library. Dreams without goals are just dreams. Fuel project goals with action and execute; no compromises.

Search by Memory

Addlane automagically tags all media items so you can quickly find, organize and manage Projects. Thoughtful feature development means that technology is applied to real problems. Addlane implements artificial intelligence for you to sort, filter and find messages and attachments. Yes, that includes documents. We cleaned and organized the junk folder of apps for you. Searching does not need to cause confusion. You’re clear to use all Lanes.


Projects contain Lanes. Addlane adds value by notifying project members once and consolidating all the tools necessary to innovate together.
We clear all lanes for global teamwork.


Manage your digital assets in a private Library.
Create Projects to share with global or local teams.
Focus messaging in Lanes to get the job Done.

Greatest feeling of All-Time?


Addlane requires membership fees.
Your privacy and history is your own business. Ours is adding realistic solutions that are implemented, proven and work.


Social made us global,
Addlane makes us worldly.
Adding visual messaging throughout the supply chain enables actual change. Inspire, collage, develop, edit, approve, recycle. Addlane achieves business goals by providing an efficient, ethical, elegant solution.

19.8% of business time -
the equivalent of one day per working week -
is wasted by employees searching
to do their job effectively.