Addlane streamlines teamwork

Say goodbye to endless email threads, channels, links, FTPs, and searching for attachments


Addlane is an intuitive project collaboration network that adds efficiency to creative communication. No matter the office or time zone, Addlane can help your team work together and get projects done.


Addlane focuses on images so all teams get the picture. Photos in Addlane are tagged by artificial intelligence, so you can find what you need when you need it.


Addlane provides a streamlined experience to eliminate the multitude of tools and services you use every day. Share and take action without leaving Addlane.


Communication in Addlane happens in lanes, organized by project, topic, team, or whatever makes sense for your Projects.

Messaging with files

E-mail is a problem. The limitation of file size is a problem. Worse, once we hit 'send', there is no easy way of protecting our communications. Receiving dozens of spam email is a problem. Important messages being lost to spam filtering is a problem.

• Innovate faster with global and local partners with a platform where pictures do the work

Designed for business

Managing our digital assets across multiple platforms is overwhelming at best and finding the files when we need them and organzing assets is impossible when we're on the go. At a certain point, we all give up. We (don't) transfer the responsibility of data housekeeping

• Addlane creates albums of projects, lanes of messaging and a private library to save time, frustration and searching

restore context to chat

Fragmented conversations across multiple platforms has assasinated our ability to focus along with productivity. At one time, we would start and end conversations to contain our thoughts and emotions.

• Addlane delivers projects as a story so global and local teams process the information instead of spending hours reading and translating the words

Private Lanes

The fall of Facebook has led to the rise of private messaging. Using messaging, MMS, SMS, group texts for business and friends isn't the solution. Important messages are popping across apps like popcorn.

• Improve speed to market with real-time messaging and annotating within organized project lanes. Addlane is all-in-one visual productivity

No matter your job title or department, Addlane can help your team work together and get things done.